Chevrolet Effectively Engaging with Facebook Fans

A look at how Chevrolet Camaro is driving engagement with their Facebook fans (Inside Facebook) Sometimes developing a content marketing strategy that will generate real engagement can feel like impossible task. What will really capture their attention? What is the right balance between effective storytelling and selling your brand? These are the kind of questions that keep digital strategists up at night.

According to a recent study by Unmetric car manufacturers enjoy a great synergy online with their fans. Unmetric CEO Lux Narayan was recently interviewed by Inside Facebook and shared insights on which car markers get social right, including Chevrolet.

"The car brands and manufacturers that do well on Facebook succeed at creating an emotional connection with their fanbase through imagery, Narayan said. Camaro does this especially well, since the car has a long and successful history full of nostalgia. The page also posts photos of fans’ Camaros."

Read the full story at Inside Facebook and check out the cool infographic on Top 10 Car Brands on Social Media.


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