Customizable Twitter Timelines

by Blake Jackson | @Blakestweet

If you are like me then you think that Twitter is the greatest social media platform there is, and as soon as you figured out the subtle nuances of how to use it, you thought it couldn’t be any cooler. These past weeks have been big for Twitter, and I have been proven wrong. It can get cooler. Not only can it now make me money via the stock market, there are now customizable timelines.

These timelines are ones that you can create for your personal and/or business account(s). Give the timeline a unique name and choose which Tweets you want to add to it. Each timeline is public and has its own page which makes it easier to share so others can follow along in real time, even as you continue to add Tweets.

Let’s say you have a real interest in the NBA and what is going on with specific players or certain teams. You can set up a timeline for the NBA. Not only will you be able to read just tweets about the NBA, but you will be able to participate in conversations with others who are also interested in the NBA. TV shows are the early innovators of this process so that they can create a more real experience for their fan base.

Recently on the November 12th airing of The Voice, host Carson Daly created his own timeline entitled "Carson's Voice Timeline" to communicate with viewers and make it easier for viewers to vote on who to save during their elimination rounds. Twitter has also made its own timelines to promote this new function, none more popular than @Twittermusic that shows the best Tweets from music superstars. You can find out what all of your favorite stars are up to and check out their latest music.

Currently, customizable timelines are only available via TweetDeck (for more on this, see Mashable’s How to Create and Embed Your Own Custom Timeline on Twitter). Social media is constantly changing, and each different social media platform is competing to keep our attention. Twitter’s new innovation of customized timelines will definitely help keep my attention, will it keep yours?

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