Social Media Snapshots for Nov. 22

Three social media stories that caught our eye this week: Businesses are rushing to video apps for marketing, but is it the right decision? Forbes takes a look at how marketing teams are rushing to develop content and contests using Vine, Instagram and Snapchat as an effort to remain relevant with the younger shoppers.

"Between all of those shares and the hundreds of millions of snaps flying around each day, one thing is for sure: Short, sweet, visual social media content is making its way before a great number of eyeballs each day. That gives the content, fleeting as it may be, great value to businesses. By creating personalized images for the right audience with a bent toward either real-time fun or extended sharing, brands are building a more visual experience for their customers."

Read the full story here. Do you think this is a temporary fad or will it turn social media marketing upside down even further in 2014?

What is on your holiday social media wishlist? Prime Visibility peeked at over one million (rather NSAish of them uh?) gifts mentioned via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.. From there they created an infographic of their Social Media Holiday Wish List. Someone tell me how did Justin Bieber make the list? See the details here.


Finally, today, crowds gather in cold and rainy Dealey Plaza in Dallas for the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. And online, a handful of Twitter accounts are focused on re-creating Kennedy's movements that fateful day, culminating in a running re-creation of breaking accounts of the aftermath of his death. Just how would Kennedy's death have played out in the Digital Age? Check out this article by (@ConnorASheets) or follow these hashtags to participate in the discussion:






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