5 Tips to Make Your Summertime Event a Hit

Matt Shamely

Your broken thermometer and farmers-tanned body can only mean one thing... summertime is in full swing. Along with summer comes the unique opportunity for your company to both win points with current customers and to seduce brand new customers by hosting an event. Here are five tips on how to make your summertime event a huge hit, taking inspiration from The Hilton Anatole’s ‘Summer at the Anatole.

1. Make Your Event Special

By promising great savings, unique performances or a special activity, you are creating a limited-time-only experience that people will not want to miss. ‘Summer at the Anatole’ has all of these things. There are unique fitness activities like outdoor pilates, 'dive-in' movie Fridays, live DJs by the pool, and free meals for kids, not to mention juicy summer room rates.

2. Use Fun Summery Images

Use visually-stimulating imagery to help capture the attention of your audience. Make sure all marketing materials, whether print, email, web or social all display these enticing visuals. Change the profile pictures on your social media pages to the featured event image to boost top of mind awareness and strengthen branding.

Watermelon slice of summer at the Anatole.

3. Promote Your Event on Social Media

Be sure to create an 'event' on Facebook or your platform of choice and invite all your fans to attend. Don't hesitate to ask your fans to "share" or "help spread the word" about the event to their networks. Share valuable information and entertaining content around the event, such as schedules, updates, photos with clever captions.

We say it again and again here at Social Media Delivered, but two-way communication is the foundation of building valuable relationships on social media. It is about give and take, not just using these platforms to advertise. So don't forget to listen, answer questions, ask questions, converse. Invite your communities to contribute their videos, photos, comments, etc.

Hashtag on twitter.

4. Don't Forget the Hashtag

Create a unique, easy-to-remember hashtag and invite people to use it. Hashtags give interested parties a way to connect with and meet others who are interested in the same event. Twitter, Instagram, and now Facebook all incorporate hashtags to facilitate discussions.

Hashtags also add value by allowing the sharing to continue even long after the event is over. They can even make those not participating jealous, and want to attend the next event. Check out #SummerAtTheAnatole for a great example.

5. And Finally...Let Your Hair Down!

While The Hilton Anatole prides itself on being an upscale destination in the heart of Dallas, they let their hair down during the dog days. From families to couples to international business travelers, there is a little something for everybody during ‘Summer at the Anatole.' This is a chance to welcome new customers, and to surprise and delight current ones.

Thanks for reading. We here at Social Media Delivered wish you all the best when promoting YOUR summertime event.

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