Brands Give Random Acts of Kindness Via Social Media

Mallory Scudder | @MalloryScudder Social media provides companies with outlets to engage and interact with audiences on a personal level. To maintain a relationship with an audience, companies typically reward fans and followers with free samples, prizes, or special offers. But these companies took it to the next level by doing random acts of kindness for some of their most loyal and deserving fans.

  1. Samsung

A 26-year-old loyal Samsung customer took to Facebook to ask the company for a free Galaxy S3 mobile phone and included his drawing of a dinosaur going “rawr” with hopes of winning them over. Samsung politely responded that they could not just give away a free phone and playfully included a drawing of a kangaroo on a unicycle in return. Soon after, the exchange went viral on Facebook and Reddit gaining Samsung a lot of positive attention. Months later, Samsung decided to surprise the man with a Galaxy S3 phone with a custom design on the back: his dinosaur drawing.

samsung social media

2.  LEGO

Luka Apps, a 10-year-old LEGO enthusiast, had saved for 2 years to buy an Emerald Night Train set. When the young boy went into the store, he had his money in-hand and a huge smile on his face. Imagine his dismay when he found out that not only did the store not have any, but that the toy had been discontinued. After exhaustedly searching online with his parents, the boy discovered that only two remained and were owned by collectors who were asking twice the store price. The boy wrote to LEGO telling them his story and if they happened to have an extra at headquarters. LEGO responded that they were sorry, but unable to help. Two weeks later, the boy received a mysterious package in the mail from LEGO. Watch his reaction as he opens the package below:



3. Pepperidge Farm

When a fan wrote a blog entitled “The Milano: An Ode to Pepperidge Farm,” professing his love of the Milano cookie after randomly trying it one day, Pepperidge Farms responded by mailing him an entire box filled with packages of the cookie along with a note thanking him for being a passionate and loyal fan.

pepperidge farm social media


4.  Taco Bell

A record breaking High School swimmer posted his Christmas wish on Taco Bell’s Facebook page. In the post he explained that he rewards himself after every practice (5-7 times a week) with a meal at Taco Bell. His wish was this: a customized speedo with the phrase “think outside the buns” on the back. Taco Bell quickly commented on his post asking “What size do you wear?” “And what’s your address?” The post was liked 2,427 times and Taco Bell’s comment was liked 819 times.

think outside the buns speedo

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