Going Internal for Social Media? Get your Team Trained

by Chim | @wordsofchim To outsource or not to outsource your social media? This is a decision facing many business owners and managers today. Maybe you are considering putting someone from marketing in charge of it, or hiring a new employee or a team to handle your social media in-house, but then what? Who will teach them? How will you make sure they have the tools they need to help your business' social media thrive? Social media training becomes a crucial part of ensuring success.

The Social Media Business Equation™ (TSMBE) Certification Program provides all the training your internal social media team needs to execute social media effectively and efficiently. Taught by our CEO, Eve Mayer, and the SMD team of social media specialists, this 4-day intensive course certifies your team so that you can focus on running your business.

What sets TSMBE Certification Program apart from other certification programs? In-person and concise, our program is taught by real-life practitioners and social media specialists who work day in and day out to help companies and organizations meet their business goals. It is based on The Social Media Business Equation™, the proven, step-by-step methodology that brings solid business results. Attendees will learn how to design, implement and track the effectiveness of social media campaigns for all types of businesses and industries.

Social Media Business Equation

Click here for detailed information about the The Social Media Business Equation™ Certification Program including an outline of the curriculum. Seats are filling up fast, so contact mary@socialmediadelivered.com.s209167.gridserver.com today to apply. And if you know anyone who is certifiable, please share this with them. Thanks in advance!

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