Google+ for Business: Join the Conversation

Taylor Wilson@_twils In terms of active users, Google+ is the world’s second-largest social network. When your business first implemented a social media marketing strategy, your goal was most likely to start a conversation and engage with your target market.  You might think you are doing just fine with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but you may be missing out of one of the most effective social sharing platforms: Google+. Just imagine the benefits of being active on a social network that is directly tied to the most-widely used search engine on the planet.

Google+ offers a number of ways to engage your audience.

 Google+ Page

google+ communities


A Google+ page for your business allows you to interact directly with your followers. The content you post should be highly relevant to your target audience and don't forget to create content that people naturally want to share. Google+ is great for visual content so use photos and videos whenever possible. Stay active and connect with those in your network by resharing content, commenting, or using the +1.

Google+ Hangouts

google hangout

Video is an incredible medium to interact with and capture the attention of your users. Use these live chats to connect with current and potential customers. Walk customers through product demos, share customer success stories, or answer frequently asked questions.

Google+ Communities


Google+ communities are created around a particular interest so they are great at putting you in touch with like-minded people and fostering a network.  Communities allow businesses to position themselves as a source of conversation, information and knowledge about the industry.

When it comes to social media, Facebook might have the upper hand when it comes to being the social network people are aware of but as you can see, Google+ is making inroads when it comes to generating conversation and engaging with an audience.

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