Social Media: It Takes More Than One

Jeffrey Young

Why You Need More Than One Social Network

Humans are inherently social.  We have hundreds of languages that develop over time.  We develop our own words over time based on our experiences.  Case in Point: Who ever knew “unfriend” was a word before social networking took center stage?  No one!

A lot of people wonder what the point is of having more than one social network.  Before you dive into the social networking craze, it’s hard to understand why you would want even one social network.  But once you get started with social networking, it’s fun, entertaining, and can even be addicting.

Back to Question 1: What’s the point of having more than one social network?

Everyone has preferences.  Let’s illustrate this with a place you probably go to on a weekly basis, the grocery store.  You probably have a preference for everything from your favorite grocery store to shop at to what brand of chips you plan to buy in that store.

Each store attracts customers in different way.  Whole Foods is known for their selection, Tom Thumb is known for the superior service their staff provides, and Wal-Mart attracts customers with low prices.

In the same way, social networks have different ways of attracting users.

The Family Network

“The Family Network” is a succinct and clear description for Facebook.  Everyone you know has a profile here, and all the businesses you’ve ever stepped foot in do as well.

Businesses are compelled to join because everyone’s there.  Businesses can gain name recognition and take advantage of sponsored stories as well.

The ADHD Network

With everything at our fingertips, it seems like our attention spans are shrinking every day.  We take in so much information on a daily basis, it seems that there’s little room for much else.  Twitter is a good fit for our fast-paced lifestyle because it provides bite sized chunks of information from the people we care most about.

The Shopping Network

Pinterest might as well be called the shopping network because logging on makes you want so many of the items pictured.  It’s fun to dream of owning certain items, and you are also literally able to use it to shop and make wish lists of things you plan to eventually buy.

The Travelers Network

Instagram lets you travel the world in an app.  You can see what your friends are eating, where they’ve been, and where they are.  Instagram users are really engaged and post a lot of pictures chronicling their collective lives.  This makes Instagram really engaging for its users and coming back for more.

Upgrade Your Social Skills

social media puzzle

It may seem like a lot of work to handle all these social networks, but it’s worth it.  You can’t reach everyone on one social networks because everyone has their preferences.  Reach and penetration vary depending on the social network, so to reach and engage as many clients and potential clients as possible, adopt multiple social networks for maximum success.

We can help you handle the internal launch of your social media campaign.  We also have plans to help you put the pieces together and develop and review your social media campaign.  E-mail us for details.

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