Top 20 Authors to Follow on Twitter

Lauren Peek | @treblemaker45 There is no shortage of authors who have made use of the Twitter's popularity across social media platforms, connecting with loyal fans and gaining new followers in between writing new books.

Here are are 20 favorite authors to follow on Twitter, sorted alphabetically by last name.


 Margaret E. Atwood 1. Margaret Atwood | @MargaretAtwood "Author." This award winning author’s Twitter is a great follow. Atwood engages a lot with her followers and her posts are quirky and amusing.
 Meg Cabot 2. Meg Cabot@megcabot "Author of books like the Princess Diaries, Underworld, and Size 12 mystery series. Rescuer of 2 delusional cats. Pop culture connoisseur." The background of Cabot's Twitter is a collage of the many books she has written. She tweets about current events, her favorite TV shows, and her daily life (including her cats).
 Harlan Coben 3. Harlan Coben@harlancoben "#1 New York Times bestselling author. Details at I came up with that website name on my own. I’ll wait for the applause to die down." This mystery novelist is not so mysterious on Twitter. Most of Coben's tweets are responses to mentions or are related to his books.
 sarahdessen 4. Sarah Dessen | @sarahdessen "Author. Mother. Worrier. The Moon and More will be in stores June 2013!" This YA author has made a name for herself writing realistic fiction and her twitter is all about her real life. Dessen doesn’t talk much about her books, but does a lot of posting about current and popular events as well as her family.
 Neil Gaiman 5. Neil Gaiman | @neilhimself "Will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down." Gaiman has an extremely active twitter. His tweets range in topic from his work to events to random thoughts. Really nice guy, and our blog editor loves him LOTS.
 Seth Grahame-Smith 6. Seth Grahame-Smith | @sethgs "I don’t know it yet, but I’ve been dead since the beginning of the movie…" It’s reasonable to expect that Grahame-Smith's tweets would be amusing, based on his work. His tweets consist of events, pop culture, and his writing.
 maureenjohnson 7. Maureen Johnson | @maureenjohnson "There’s a fine line between good eye contact and the piercing stare of a psychopath. Maureen is on the wrong side of it. – a fan" This YA author has a good time with her tweets. Johnson is very interactive with her followers, and tweets about her daily life and pop culture. Her posts are quirky, and her page is worth following.
 Eve Mayer 8. Eve Mayer | @LinkedInQueen "Eve Mayer (previously Orsburn) Author of The Social Media Business Equation, CEO of Social Media Delivered, Social Media Strategist, Writer and Speaker." Eve is the CEO of Social Media Delivered and tweets regularly about social media.
 Brad Meltzer 9. Brad Meltzer | @bradmeltzer "The greatest criminal mind of our time. Bestselling author. Host of Decoded on History Channel. But really, greatest criminal mind." This crime novelist is a great follow. Meltzer mostly tweets about his own work and books, but he also promotes first time novelists that he likes.
 Chuck Palahniuk 10. Chuck Palahniuk | @chuckpalahniuk "Run by Dennis Widmyer (@denniswidmyer), webmaster of the official site @ Until Chuck decides to try this himself, I’ll do my best for him." Best known for his novel Fight Club, Palahniuk's tweets are all about his life and work. As you see in his bio, he doesn’t actually run the account himself. He often tweets about literary and writing classes for aspiring authors.
 James Patterson 11. James Patterson@JP_Books "New York Times bestselling author, Children’s Choice Book Award Author of the Year, husband and father." James Patterson’s often talks about his own books and interacts with Twitter accounts of characters from his Maximum Ride novels. He often tweets about book related issues and keeps his followers updated on his appearances and upcoming novels.
 Jodi Picoult 12. Jodi Picoult@jodipicoult "Author/mom/Wonder Woman" Picoult tweets about her own writing and events. She also gives advice to aspiring writers that follow her page.
 Edgar Allan Poe 13. Edgar Allen Poe @Edgar_Allan_Poe "Woebegone Poet, Prickly scribbler of the Fantastic, Inebriate, Literary Critic, Editor." Mr. Poe’s Twitter posts are as dark and eerie as his poetry and short stories. Although deceased, his Twitter account portrays his dark 19th century spin on modern life.
 Anne Rice 14. Anne Rice | @AnneRiceAuthor "I am an American author." Rice is always recommending articles, books, and TV programs to her followers on Twitter. She also posts reviews of various things and some of her thoughts about writing.
 Rick Riordan 15. Rick Riordan@camphalfblood "Author of the Percy Jackson series, Kane Chronicles & Heroes of Olympus. Questions? Most likely they are answered on my FAQ page:" This novelist posts about writing, pop culture, and his work and events. Riordans tweets are often quite witty.
 William Shakespeare 16. William Shakespeare | @Wwm_Shakespeare "Brevity is the soul of wit. William Shakespeare" If you wish to have a taste of 16th century England during your day, Shakespeare is a must follow. Shakespeare tweets and interacts with his followers in the prose he is still so famous for, despite having died almost 400 years ago.
 Nicholas Sparks 17. Nicholas Sparks | @NicholasSparks "Author and Producer." Nicholas Sparks posts mostly about his works. His twitter is a good way to stay up-to-date on his work and event schedule. Sparks also quotes from his famous novels.
 R.L. Stine 18. R. L. Stine@RL_Stine "My job: to terrify kids." This famous novelist is a wonderful follow, even for adults. Stine posts about his works, events and topics that would make for a good horror novel, and just plain random facts.
 JRR Tolkien 19. JRR Tolkien@JRRTolkien "We all long for [Eden], and we are constantly glimpsing it: our whole nature…is still soaked with the sense of exile." JRR Tolkien used his Twitter account to birthday wishes for his 121 birthday in January. He posts quotes from his works and thoughts on the Hobbit movies in production.
 Scott Westerfeld 20. Scott Westerfeld @ScottWesterfeld "I wrote Uglies and Leviathan. The second Uglies graphic novel, Cutters, is out now. Go buy it or something." Westerfeld spends lots of time interacting with his followers. He also posts about his work often, and tweets his random quirky thoughts.

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