A CEO's Social Media Success Story

Ashley Chimal | @wordsofchim CEO Gary Murphy is reaching greater business heights through the world of social media. Little Soya, a Houston-based gluten free soy sauce manufacturer, turned to Social Media Delivered for social media consulting three years ago.

Ever since Social Media Delivered began consulting with Murphy about crucial social media marketing decisions, one tip Murphy found useful is setting reminders on his phone to tweet at specific times. Currently, Murphy is using his company and personal account hand in hand, and feels Twitter has been useful in expressing both himself as a CEO and showcasing Little Soya’s brand personality.

“No one likes to be sold to. It is important to me to have a personal brand. If you have a connection to me, maybe you know someone who we can do business with. On a personal level, I like knowing or thinking that I’m helping at least one business or person have a better day,” Murphy told the Houston Business Journal.

Read the HBJ’s article featuring Murphy, and also listen to stories of other Houston CEO’s here. Follow Little Soya on Twitter here.

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