The Art of Engagement in the Twitterverse

Jeffrey Young | @jeffrey_young09 If the words viral, re-tweet, or twitter spark your interest at all, you’ve likely been consumed by the world that is social media, and you’re not alone.


Twitter is a mainstay in the social media big leagues.  We like it because it’s quick and easy to get your message across. People can easily incorporate tweeting and reading friends tweets into a busy schedule.  Twitter is easy and accessible, and that’s what social media is all about.

Social media is by definition, you guessed it, social!  It’s all about engagement.  At Social Media Delivered, we have a special formula we use to engage users in the best possible way.  It’s called The Social Media Business Equation.  With the Social Media Business Equation, we give businesses an upper hand by creating quality content that will keep followers coming back for more.

People have made a transition to satisfy their daily appetite for news and content through social media and the Internet.  The age of tangible publications is drifting away, but all is not lost.  Through social media, you have the opportunity to create engaging experiences that tangible publications deliver, with the addition of a bold social element that only Twitter, along with other social platforms can provide.

Engaging your followers is made possible by creating an online social media presence, and listening to what your followers are saying in response to your posts. Keeping communication open and accessible is key.  In addition, listening to the conversation is such a simple concept, but so incredibly important to also keep in mind.

Listen to your follower feedback to tailor your posts to what your followers are interested in.  Reply to comments that people make on your posts, and re-tweet information you like every once in a while to keep things fresh.

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