Making the Most of Your Company's LinkedIn Page

Devin Kelly | @subbydonut Companies are becoming more involved in the realm of social networking to increase business. It is usually assumed that the vast majority of companies has at least a Twitter or Facebook account. Platforms  such as these are great for connecting with consumers, but how about with other businesses?

For that issue, there is LinkedIn, a platform created solely for professional networking. The platform allows business professionals and companies to connect with one another so that their business will expand, and so it's that a company would want to make their own Linkedin page. So the first question is where to start.


Knowing how to set up an account on Linkedin is great for starters, but to attract people to your page, you're going to need a more in-depth guide to making the most of your Linkedin page. With this video and these 11 steps on how to create a Linkedin company page, you will soon have businesses rolling in to connect with your company.

1. Write a compelling summary.

2. Add products and services.

3. Make sure your most important product is listed first.

linkedin company page

4. Capture attention with a fantastic cover image.

5. Add career information.

6. Ask your employees to connect with your page.

linkedin employees

7. Ask for product and service reviews.

8. Publish some company updates to make your page look useful.

9. Promote your LinkedIn Company Page.

10. Use featured updates to highlight important content.

11. Use targeted updates to promote more effectively.

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