Back to the Future: Myspace

Ashley Wymer | @ashleywymer Great Scott. It’s back.

I’m talking about Myspace, of course.

The withering social media platform, once overtaken by obnoxious neon customization and auto-play tracks, has been reborn. And boy, is it pretty to look at. Myspace has undergone an extensive makeover, both inside and out, and sports a sophisticated, streamlined interface. It has taken the best of all social media influences, including the visual impact of Pinterest, the clean feel of Facebook and the connectivity of Twitter. The new Myspace takes all these elements and throws them into a musical arena where you can connect and discover music with a seamless, interactive scene. It’s one big, bad mamma jamma.


The new Myspace wows with a pristine, elegant interface.

Besides the cosmetics, Myspace has a new angle on social media. The site seems to promote deeper connections between people and artists. The platform is very forward and active.

Myspace has managed to completely turn their look and attitude around, transforming from the slums of social media into something sparkly and fresh. The user-friendly, minimalist design is beautiful to look and and easy to navigate, but as others have voiced, the biggest problem with the rebirth of Myspace will be fixing its own image. Only time will tell if people take the ugly duck turned swan seriously or forever associate the platform as a silly part of their digital past.

new myspace

While it is already primed and revved up to cater to the music industry, it will be intriguing to see how this new(born) social media platform will lend itself to the rest of the business world.

What do you think of the redesigned Myspace? Do you think a social media can reinvent itself successfully after their glory days are gone?

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