What is Snowglo.com?

Devin Kelly | @subbydonut I suppose we should start off with this question of the day. What exactly is snowglo.com? Well don't be fooled by its name because it has very little to do with snow. Snowglo.com is actually a review social network site that contains reviews on anything that their members desire.

snowglo social media

Snowglo.com also acts as a game for its members who write reviews in order to earn kudos, badges, and ranks on the leaderboard. This gaming element adds a new and interactive twist on social networking. It helps people feel like they are being rewarded for their accomplishments. Its a fun little distraction from the actual bulk of the website.

social media site snowglo

Snowglo.com is a unique social networking site in the way that it focuses solely on letting users write and share reviews with one another. The website allows its members to connect with those who share similar interests and to find each other's views on various subjects. It is currently quick and free to join snowglo.com, so give it a try if you feel the need to review a movie or toaster, or to make a list of your top favorite TV shows.

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