From The Women's Museum to WBCS: How WBCS Used Their New Twitter

Arielle | @_ArielleHope The Women’s Museum: An Institute for the Future, an 11-year-old museum located in fair park, closed its door in October of 2011. Funding for the museum was a leading factor as to why this anomaly of women’s history is being closed. Like most organizations in our modern world, The Women’s Museum maintained a number of social media platforms.

With the museum closing, traffic on the sites would assumedly dwindle or lead to closing the sites all together. However, representatives decided to do something quite different with their Twitter account. They donated the account to another organization engaged in the achievements and progression of women-owned businesses.

This transition took place back in April and has since grown and adapted their twitter account to include awareness of events such as the Austin Council Connection luncheons #AustinConnection and the monthly Dallas #TableTopics events. Their following includes 44,860 followers, and 8, 593 tweets- the majority of which are from the WBCS.


WBCS has been able to use Twitter to promote their events, which then allows attendees to associate with one another before the event, increase participation, and increase sharing/retweeting information about the event. According to Amiando-a social event registry- 73% of businesses state that social media is a leading tool in organizing their conferences, meetings, and other events.

We’ve seen just how important social media has been for the last couple of elections, and the role it played for the candidates. Using social media for your businesses event can lead to an increase in awareness of not only the event but of your company.

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