Get (Social Media) Smart. What Employers Are Looking for in Today's Business Climate

Ashley Wymer | @ashleywymer Today’s business culture is more technologically driven than ever. Companies are more focused on building relationships and loyalty with their customers, and social media makes this goal more tangible than ever before. Never before has an average joe been able to voice his opinion to the head of a company with such speed and convenience.

With that being said, more and more employers are looking for candidates who are social media savvy in today’s workforce. Companies want employees who know the ins and outs of social media and that can represent their brand successfully. So what are the most important social media skills employers look for?

What employees want

Professional Tone

Sure, you can Facebook creep flawlessly for hours and tweet like there’s no tomorrow, but can you represent a company with a professional voice? An important part of social media management is knowing what is appropriate for the brand you are representing.

  • Just because you know your way around your personal social media does not make you qualified to handle a professional page.
  • It is here that consumers interact directly with the company; you shouldn’t leave a bad taste in their mouth by using too much slang or lazy grammar.
  • Learn the company voice and articulate your posts and responses accordingly.

This isn’t about the individual; it’s about the company as a whole. You have your personal accounts for a reason.

Using Social Media to Network

Employers don’t just want to see that you have a Facebook and Twitter account. They want to know that you can use these tools as effective means of professional networking.

While social media is used for staying connected with friends, it is equally as useful for making professional connections you might otherwise be denied. Demonstrate to employers that you understand this valuable tool by reaching out to their Twitter accounts.

Companies want somebody who will be able to make lasting, well-developed personal relationships. Social media gives everyone an advantage to connect with important contacts.

Be Observant

As stated before, social media provides companies the incredible opportunity to build a relationship with their individual consumers. This means that in order to effectively monitor social media interactions and maintain these relationships, employers need a pair of observant eyes and a quick mind.

People use social media as their soundboard. When a social media manager sees their company mentioned, it is their job to address the problem, comment or compliment as quickly and and personally as possible.

social media bites

Consumers will be put off by generic, overused responses, and even more so by being ignored. This is a good way to quickly create a negative association with a company. By interacting directly with consumers, you have the power to leave them with a good impression, regardless of their previous experience with the company.

Without an observant eye, however, these opportunities can easily slip under the radar. While all social media skills are important to the overall appeal to employers, these are some of the most important traits that candidates must possess. Social media management is a hefty responsibility, and companies are looking to hire employees they are sure can handle the challenge.

What do you think of these traits? What are some other social media skills you think are important in the workforce?

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