Social Media for Business: A Formula for Google+

Ashley Chimal | @prodbychim Many are still deciding where Google+ falls in to their social media formula.

Although it was left out of the spotlight as a newbie, it can no longer be dismissed and is here to stay for a while. Google+ icons have made their way all over the internet, most commonly seen on news articles and blogs.The social media platform was launched this past year on June 28, 2011. Many have had mixed opinions about it as a creation from the world's most comprehensive search engine company, and in direct competition with Facebook.

Keep in mind that people use certain social media platforms for different reasons, yet the average person can only stay engaged in so many areas. While wrapping up 2012, most are still figuring out how to integrate Google+. The challenge is using it to its fullest potential.

Although some of the secrets have been spilled, the future of this social media platform remains unknown, including Google's plans in terms of development. However, if you're a business wanting to jump on the bandwagon and looking for a place to start, the best suggestion is to delve into the Google+ business page first and go where it leads you.

Just like other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, if you have decided to partake in Google+ you are faced with deciding how and what you're going to use it for. Google+ is undeniably more business oriented. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google+ presents a more complicated fashion of connecting with others and posting information online, leaving the average Facebook user left in the dark.

Tech savvy minds are using Google+ professionally to network while businesses are using it to expand their content.

Many businesses have stepped ahead of the game with a Google+ business page. Android is one of the most popular business pages online with users interacting consistently.

How are they being successful with this? Well, we must first look  at some of the ways Android is doing things differently. In the past they have offered several different promotions on their Google+ business page, such as the 10 cents apps promotion and Google Music promotions. In addition, they are providing tons of visuals with video content.

Also, Android is making things easier for their readers by including infographics within their posts so others can reach the page more. A combination of these elements has contributed to Android's success with Google+.

If you want to be successful, you must examine how other successful people do things differently.

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