Customer Contacts and Social Marketing in Transition

By Michele Rowan Social media monitoring & response has found its way to the customer care channel for many organizations, and for good reason. The work is transactional, it often requires customer care involvement, and utilizes the CRM.

Next generation social media for business to business and business to consumer will enable us to design and deploy low cost, high-impact marketing campaigns across channels.

And finally the advent of mobile will drive not only buying power on wireless devices but also will prompt the initiation of customer care help via mobile devices, and not through the voice channel. It’s simply not the preference of choice for three of four demographic groups.

So social media and customer care are bound to join. And when that happens, the best talent to fill the seats will be people that are comfortable navigating across multiple channels and applications, arm in arm with their customers, and people that have superior customer engagement skills.

The best-of-the-best talent for these positions lies not within the confines of bricks and mortar contact center, but across the country, in home-based positions.

Michele Rowan

Michele is President and CEO of At Home Customer Contacts. She helps companies develop and implement home working strategies through public workshops and customized assessments consulting. She is holding her last workshop this year in Laguna Beach Nov 14-15. Learn more and register here.

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