The Facebook App and Page Manager

Alex Murray | @Alexisntonfire I'm sure everyone has noticed the Facebook App update 5.0 by now, faster speeds, "new stories", and messenger for android. Facebook spent 9 months completely rewriting the code from HTML5 to Objective-C, but that wasn't the only thing the developer team at Facebook was working on.

Allow Me To Introduce Facebook Pages App for iOS

Back in May of this year Facebook quietly released a new app for managing company pages. The app was first released under the radar with very few features but has had a major update along with the Facebook app. Facebook Pages has a very similar layout to that of the Facebook app, such as the ability to post a status, comment, and share photos, but with a few helpful differences.


Manage All Your Pages

All pages a user has admin rights to can be accessed from this app and will receive notifications when users interact with brand pages. Notifications are page specific so it's quite easy to switch between brand pages without any confusion.

On-The-Go Page Insights 

Maybe the most important feature added to the page manager is the ability to see on the go page insights. “Facebook Insights” are the page performance and metrics system used by Facebook to measure engagement and user interaction on your brand page.

Purchase Ads and Promoted Posts on Mobile

A great new addition to the app has been the ability for admins to purchase ads and promoted posts directly from their mobile devices. You can now see the how your posts are doing on the go then decide whether to purchase new ads without missing a beat. Mobile ads are turning out to be a huge hit with advertisers and users alike.

It's clear to see how mobile is becoming the way main way people use the web. It's nice to see how business tools are catching up with the growing trends.


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