Note from the Editors: Content Production Woes

Amelia Clark | @DishPit & Brandie Broihier | @BrandieNic In the world of social media content production, information literally changes overnight and it can be challenging for employees to continually create the stellar content we have come to love and expect.

No matter how well laid out an editorial calendar may be, there will always be the occasional hiccup - and, as you can see, dogs really DO eat homework. (Not really, we just really love Dog Shaming).

Social media blog shaming

So today, we share with you 3 tips on how to motivate employees to produce:

  • Be generous with praise. I don't know about you, but I like to be told "you're doing a great job" every so often. It helps me feel valued, and important. Have no shame in telling your employees and/or interns that you appreciate their exceptional work. Be honest with them about their strengths and take a few moments to verbalize it when you notice how awesome they are.
  • Be constructive with criticism. No matter how frustrating it is when content is not produced on time, you cannot lose your cool. If you do, you risk alienating your content production team from wanting to work with you in the future. Being unprofessional is a sure way to deflate morale and in the end, make your job harder and your company's content less fantastic.
  • Be concise about what you want. Make sure employees understand the goal of your blog and the voice of your company to reduce the need for edits or re-writes.

Finally, we would like to take this time to open the floor up to other constructive comments on how to overcome the woes and challenges of content production. Let us know in the comments - how do YOU handle it when there suddenly is nothing to post?

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