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In honor of American Women's Business Day, we decided to highlight some of the most savvy business women on Twitter in our latest Top 20 People To Follow in: Top 20 Business Women To Follow on Twitter.  Many of the women listed are known for being outstanding businesswomen as well as inspiring individuals.  There is a variety of people from CEO's to bloggers and from magazine journalists to business coaches.  So with Business Women's Day around the corner, we proudly present the women we find you must follow on Twitter.  Enjoy!


Eve Mayer - @LinkedInQueen

Eve Mayer Orsburn is founder and CEO of Social Media Delivered.  She writes about social media for the majority of  her posts and adds some entertaining tweets over a variety of subjects.  She is very sweet which is seen through her witty tweets! I promise I'm not biased. As the creator of The Social Media Business Equation, she understands how to make social media work!

Liz Strauss - @LizStrauss

Liz Strauss is Founder of Successful and Outstanding Bloggers Conference.  She is a must follow.  She gives tips to help grow your company and encourages others.  Her power amongst the female entrepreneurship community is very very strong.

Kelly Anderson - @StartUpPrincess

Kelly operates Startup Princess, an organization for women entrepreneurs everywhere to network, learn, share and mentor one another.  She is very witty and loves empowering others.

Stephanie Holland - @Sheconomy

Voted one of the most influential women to follow on Twitter, Stephanie is a marketing queen.  She truly knows how to market to women from any perspective.

Naomi Dunford - @NaomiDunford

Naomi Dunford runs IttyBiz and is one of the most resourceful Twitter accounts to follow.  She gives great advice for small businesses and links to some great articles!

Vicki Donlan - @vickidonlan

Vicki Donlan is an entrepreneur, a business coach, speaker and author of Her Turn – Why It’s Time For Women To Lead in America.  Vicki is a highly recognized professional and tweets some really good stuff with an enlightening viewpoint.

Women 2.0 - @women2

Women 2.0 is a group of women based out of San Francisco that serves to increase the number of women start ups across the nation.  They have a really quirky personality on their account and provide many resources for small start ups.

Amy Cosper - @EntMagazineAmy

Amy Cosper is the Editor-in-Chief at Entrepreneur magazine.  Her tweets are very aligned to entrepreneurship and are written in an entertaining way.  She loves nice cars and is very personable.


Runa Magnusdottir - @connectedwomen

Runa is a branding genius!  She is from Iceland and has a branding strategy that will definitely be beneficial to any person and/or company.

Cathy Watters - @ewoman_magazine

Entrepreneurial Woman is a Canadian-based magazine that is for women entrepreneurs and for small business owners.  The account is maintained by Ms. Cathy Watters whose posts inform followers with latest news and tips.  She also is great at interacting and gets back to followers very frequently if you have any questions!

Becky McCray - @BeckyMcCray

Becky McCray is a rural entrepreneur and publisher of Small Biz Survival. Becky is very interactive on Twitter and will get back to you if you have a question for her.  She is very helpful and resourceful to anyone.

Dondi Scumaci - @DondiScumaci

Dondi is a bestselling author of Designed for Success: The 10 Commandments for Women in the Workplace and Career Move.  She is a nationally recognized speaker and can rally any team.


Fabienne Fredrickson - @fabienne

Fabienne is the creator of Client Attraction System, a millionaire mompreneur, speaker, author and mentor on marketing and mindset.  She does A LOT!  She also manages to keep an interactive Twitter acount and is very interactive with her followers.


Natalie MacNeil - @nataliemacneil

Natalie is the founder of the wonderful blog She Takes on the World (and ForbesWoman’s Work In Progress blogger) that pushes women to follow their dream and their passions.  She is very sassy and fun and posts very entertaining tweets.


Dawn Rivers - @DawnRivers

Dawn owns her own blog and consistently tweets.  She is an entrepreneur that loves boosting morale for small start up businesses.  Her tweets are relevant and often contain links to good resources.

Kelly Scanlon - @IThinkBigger

Kelly Scanlon is a leader in woman entrepreneurship and publishes different media to promote woman leadership.  She has been recognized by Forbes as one of the most influential women entrepreneurs.

Elena Verlee - @ElenaVerlee

Among one of the top technology PR pros, Elena is a must follow on Twitter.  She informs her followers on how to brand, how to market and even how to blog.  Her tweets are very formal and are very insightful.

Michelle Blakely - @simplicityinc

Michelle is a master at growing small businesses.  She is voted one of the top woman entrepreneurs by Forbes and is consistently in the press.  She loves to simplify strategies.


Phyllis Miller - @ZimblerMiller

Phyllis is a marketer and author of fiction Mrs. Lieutenant and the nonfiction book How to Publish Your Book In the Age Of the Kindle.  She gives good tips on how to market yourself and your brand image.  She has a good voice on Twitter and is very interactive.

Anita Campbell - @smallbiztrends

Anita is the CEO of Small Business Trends and is named amongst top female entrepreneurs by Forbes.  The Small Business Trends community is very large and is followed by many tweeters.

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