Google+ 101 for Business

Meret Steves | @simplymeret Whether your clients enjoy posting short tidbits and questions, watching videos, or networking, every website caters to groups that enjoy different aspects of being social. Regardless of if your business has an account on some of these sites, not everyone is going to see your page. This means you are missing out making business connections! You might think that your company's online presence is already prominent, but the fact is, it can never be complete.

To ensure your business reaches every possible customer, it must have profiles on many of the social networks. The newest of these networks, Google+, goes further than the others with the potential to skyrocket your company's connections as well as impact your SEO within Google search. Google+ offers features like that of Facebook, but shares your company's posts higher in the search results when someone in your circle searches something relative to you.


When getting started, you can organize those you're connected to in different circles.  This allows you to tailor your company's posts to specific people who are interested in that topic. Now your page looks relative to a user who enjoys nature, as well as another user who enjoys technology.



Not only are you interacting with your followers, but they can interact too. Zagat scores and summaries of your business are compiled from real user reviews. They highlight what real users are saying to help you make informed decisions.


See what we have done with our Google+ page, and learn what Social Media Delivered services we can do for your company's Google+.

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