Companies Can Make Social Media More Personal Using Memes

Meret Steves | @simplymeret While many believe the simple ability to construct an image with text to excite emotion in others is a new phenomena, this tool has been around throughout history. Memes began as expressions of speech passed along by word of mouth to convey cultural or social ideals from an individual to a wide audience. Today they travel much faster and reach wider array of individuals with the help of the Internet.

Your company can advertise using memes to come across to your customers as personable and humorous.  Doing so gives you an approachable vibe, allowing you and the customer to form a friendly relationship. People look for this special bond with businesses and will be more loyal to your company if they feel you care about what they care about. Some popular marketing campaigns using memes can be seen in this Top 10 list.

'Success Kid' for Virgin Media

First, take an already existing meme and insert text that is relevant to your marketing campaign.  Websites like Quick Meme and Meme Generator make adding new captions to popular memes simple. Be sure to keep with the rules of the meme, as every meme has a certain way it talks. You can familiarize yourself with a memes voice on their Twitter accounts like 90's Girl Problems. Memes get social by posting personal tweets as if they exist.

Your customers will enjoy that you incorporated the trendy memes they love if you do it right. This article on Memejacking not only has an example of how to use a meme wrong, but also lists the perks of using a meme's already viral quality to encourage sharing online and get more traffic to your business.

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