7 Easy Tips to Maximize SEO on Pinterest

By Rosalyn Eishen | @rosalynchoo  

Pinterest is the newest social media addiction- but many don’t know how it can also be used for your business.  Since Pinterest allows search engines to crawl their site and the huge amount of data users have pinned there, boards can show up in Google search results. By simply using the right SEO on your company profile, you can make sure your Pinterest page gets the attention it needs from your consumers.

 Here are 7 tips to get you started:

  1. Use a short caption for images, with important keywords. If your description is too long, many pinners will get annoyed. Save the long details for the comment section.
  2. Express your brand the best way you can. Define who you are through the visual boards. All the boards contribute to your complete profile, so don’t just focus on one.
  3. Focus on keywords. When naming your boards, make sure the title includes the most important keywords for your company.
  4. Use hashtags to categorize subjects, just like on Twitter. Hastags will also help when users want to find a specific topic on Pinterest
  5. Don’t overdo it trying to gain SEO and spam your Pinterest followers. Pinterest is a visual sharing site, not an advertisement platform. Continuous self-promotion is frowned upon.
  6. Put a Pinterest icon and “Pin-it” button on your website. This makes it easy for your audience to share your site’s content. Encouraging engagement is always important, plus you can get an SEO boost without doing all the work yourself.
  7. Link everything back to your website. Once pinners find your boards, either through a Google search or because of your awesome pins, make sure that your company is getting the recognition it needs by linking images back to the site. Take your followers back to what will ultimately make you money.

For more help with Pinterest for your business, visit our Pinterest Services page.

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