Twitter: The New B2B Landscape

Alejandro Fernandez|@al3jandr0TX Twitter is one of the tools most commonly used today for  business-to-business strategies; helping spread, integrate, and optimize your business to new heights. With the new generation of B2B's using social media, new strategies have developed that are tailored to their needs.

Hashtags, along with building a targeted search, are powerful ways to find and send out content to an audience wider than your followers.  A great B2B application tip you can use is to have people at an industry event participate in hashtag streams, also known as live tweeting.  Attendees can share their experiences at your event, and can tweet links to your company’s blog posts helping reach additional followers.  One hashtag tip: don’t overuse them, and don’t use ones that are associated with spam or are extremely uncommon.

Another B2B technique to consider is the encouragement of your employees’ use of Twitter.  This broadens the reach of your business and can add a personal value to prospects and current customers. Your employees help spread news about the company and its culture.  Tip: be careful to provide training on proper B2B social media etiquette and company policy before asking employees to tweet about the business via personal accounts.

Twitter gives you the opportunity to promote your company via social media, and adds a personal aspect to traditional marketing techniques. A key to effective business to business social media is sharing and engaging, from content to insight and news. Retweeting what your followers post can help build relationships, and recognizing others increases the chance they will share your tweets.

Consider creating search-optimized content similar to keyword research strategy that is relevant to your industry.  Also examine both research and buying phrases, targeting those keywords.  Include popular or trending industry terms in your tweets so you will show up in searches on Twitter, as this is a method of creating more exposure.

Lastly, don’t be scared to use your resources to help discover what competitors are doing and who is talking about them. Twitter can be a window for you to see what types of customers they are trying to target and what their most recent news may be.

Many feel that Twitter cannot be effective for B2B strategies, but the truth is you can leverage the power of this well-established micro-blogging platform to grow almost any brand. Just remember it all starts with the business goal of company.

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