New Service Investigates Social Media Presence of Potential Employees - Press Release

Press Release Social Media Investigate launches with social media presence analysis service.

The Dallas, TX based social media firm Social Media Delivered has announced their offering of a new service Social Media Investigate. The new service is a social media background check offered to companies to ensure employees and/or potential hires would be good representations of the organization when they are online.

social media investigate

Eve Mayer Orsburn, CEO of Social Media Delivered, explains the new service:

Social Media Investigate fills in the missing pieces by reporting on someone’s online presence and social media reputation. You invest time and money into finding the best people for your team, and our goal is to give you an unbiased report of their online activities to help you make informed decisions.

Companies are using social media more and more to screen potential and current employees for inappropriate behavior. It’s hard for businesses to navigate the legal labyrinth of social media screening and 3rd party groups make it much easier to lawfully maneuver through the maze. Social Media Investigate is a resource that provides the information a company is seeking in an easy, straightforward, and legal way.


Social Media Delivered is a social media consulting firm established by CEO Eve Mayer Orsburn in 2008. Based in Dallas, TX, with offices in Paris, France, they provide social media training, services and consulting to medium to large companies across all industries - including business to business, business to consumer, and nonprofit.

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