Top 20 Geeky Twitter Accounts from @SocialMediaDel

Eric Webb | @EricWebb434 Twitter is a hot bed for geeks! A 140 character opportunity to tell you about new technology, fill you in with fun facts, and generally just say something smart about cool stuff. It's a great tool for teaching, learning, and being interesting. The nerds have harnessed the power of Twitter and it's pretty easy to gain some knowledge as you scroll through your Twitter feed.

twitter nerd geek Adam Savage - @donttrythis I play a scientist on TV. Obsessive maker of things. Host of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. Adam is a host of the popular show Mythbusters. He whips up all kinds of gadgets from scratch using his smarts, then puts them to work testing out urban legends. 
top 20 geek nerd social media John Cleese - @JohnCleese Yes, I am still indeed alive, contrary to rumour, and I am touring my one Cleese show He’s one of the funniest men ever to live, and a geek to be sure. Heck, he played the character “Q” in the James Bond film "Die Another Day"- the ultimate geek. 
twitter nerd top 20 Engadget - @engadget Official Twitter account of Engadget! Engadget is pretty dang nerdy. It does electronics reviews and shares news related to the tech world. After it finishes those first reviews, it does more reviews and shares more news; there’s always something going on over there. 
top 20 twitter geek social media Richard Branson - @richardbranson Founder of Virgin Group: @virgin Richard Branson is the geek that all geeks aspire to be. He owns a record company, an airline, a mobile phone service, and- he is selling rides into space on his #virgingalactic. All of this seems to pay well considering he owns his own island. 
twitter nerd top 20 Tech Crunch - @TechCrunch Breaking Technology News And Opinions From TechCrunch Tech Crunch is all about technology blogs and providing news and analysis. If you want an opinion about something remotely related to technology you can surely find it here. 
top 20 twitter geek social media Neil deGrasse - @neiltyson Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History. Author: Space Chronicle, The Pluto Files. Host: StarTalk Radio Just check out his bio- that’s geek status for sure! He’s one of the smartest guys on the planet, and he even has his own meme. 
twitter geek top 20 Wired - @wired Wired’s official Twitter feed. Wired has a ton of info on a ton of different things. Laptops, photography, movies and tv, it’s all there for your curious mind to delve into. 
top 20 twitter geek social media CNET - @CNET CNET is the premier destination for tech product reviews, news, price comparisons, free software downloads, videos, and podcasts. CNET is known for their comprehensive and accurate tech reviews. It’s a great source of information when you’re shopping around for a new product. 
social media geek top 20 Laughing Squid - @LaughingSquid An online resource for interesting art, culture and technology operated by primary tentacle @ScottBeale. There’s a lot of really cool stuff that goes on at Laughing Squid. It’s a neat mix technology, art, and all kinds of random stuff that makes you feel smarter after you read/look at it. 
social media geek, top 20 Death Star PR - @DeathStarPR The Galactic Empire has been getting a bad rap. We're here to set the record straight. #StarWars The only thing geekier than Star Wars is a hilarious Twitter account that ties in Star Wars with anything and everything that happens in everyday life. 
top 20 geek nerd social media Cracked - @cracked America’s only humor website. Since 1958. Cracked is full of all kinds of hilarious things. Usually it’s a ridiculous list like “18 Instructional Charts for People Who Suck at Technology.” 
top 20 twitter social media geek Gizmodo - @Gizmodo Technologies that change the way we live, work, love, play, think and feel. Full of tips, tricks, fun videos, and technological news. Reading geeky Gizmodo articles is a good way to pass time. 
top 20 twitter geek social media Discovery Channel - @Discovery News and much more from Discovery Channel U.S. Press info at I think it’s impossible to not like the Discovery Channel. Series like Planet Earth and Frozen Planet are examples of geekiness at its most beautiful. 
twitter geek top 20 PCMag - @PCMag The Independent Guide to Technology since 1982 Contrary to what its name suggests, PCMag is more than just a magazine about PCs. There’s a plethora of info about pretty much anything related to technology. 
social media geek twitter top 20 Annalee Newitz - @Annaleen Writer, nerd, blogger, surly idealist. Editor-in-chief of, Goof-in-residence at She writes for and about technology, science, and pop culture. Her new book talks about how humans will survive the next mass extinction- definitely geeky. 
geek top 20 twitter Science Channel - @ScienceChannel Thought-provoking updates, insider news and more from Science…show your #nerdtweet pride! It’s called the “Science Channel” and their bio has the hashtag #nerdtweet, so it most certainly belongs on this list. They tweet about, well, science- and lots of it! Space, penguins, rain- the Science Channel will be talking about it. 
twitter top 20 geek Wil Wheaton - @wilw I’m just this guy, you know? He started his career acting in Star Trek which could possibly be the geekiest show of all time. In 2009 he won the “Secretary of Geek Affairs” title and he wears it proudly. 
top 20 twitter geek social media Serious Eats - @seriouseats Find it. Watch it. Eat it. Talk it. Food is seriously awesome, and Serious Eats gets down to business when it comes to food. It talks about all kinds of different foods and recipes from different countries. Food geeks for sure. 
twitter geek top 20 Jim Cramer - @jimcramer I am founder of TheStreet and I run the charitable trust portfolio, Action Alerts PLUS. I also host CNBC’s Mad Money and blog daily on Booyah! Cramer might be the most intelligent investor and money manager out there. He knows everything there is to know about stocks and investing- and then some. 
twitter top 20 geek social media Google - @google News and updates from Google Google is going to run the world one day. But for now, it’s simply the most powerful geek out there. Social media, navigation, scheduling- Google does absolutely everything. 

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