Social Media Keeps North Texas Connected During Tornadoes

by Elisa Pequini | @lipequini Yesterday was not a regular day in our home city, Dallas, TX. Yes, we have bad storms every now and then, but it has been a while since mother nature scared us like she did on an otherwise mundane Tuesday.  Not one, but TWELVE tornadoes were sighted around the DFW area, some very, very near the Social Media Delivered offices and staff. How does one deal with that?

We dealt with it the way we know how: by following the tornado updates on Social Media (and staying in the safest place inside the office). All of our Twitter streams were filled with live news about where the tornadoes were headed and also from our friends and family letting us know they were safe. In the words of our Special Projects Manager, Amelia Clark:

"While we were hunkered down in the office, it was a huge relief to hear through Twitter that our friends and families out and about in Dallas were staying safe. " - Amelia Clark

Kudos to these accounts that helped us get through this day without freaking out, you did a wonderful job. And thanks to all of our friends who were "live tweeting" from everywhere in Dallas.

Many people in North Texas utilized social media to stay in touch with loved ones and friends throughout the day on Tuesday, and many Twitter accounts closely followed development of the storms throughout the day. Some of the most helpful updates came from @CW33News@CBS11Larry@TxStormChasers, and @wfaaweathertoo, but as we all know the greatest power of social media is the ability of people in the moment to be able to post as events are happening.

Twitter and Facebook were alive with photos and videos taken live throughout the day, featuring images of funnel clouds and property destruction.

As with other natural disasters (the Japanese Tsunami in 2011 comes to mind), the world was able to get real-life updates. Thankfully, in spite of extensive property damage, there was no loss of life in North Texas due to the storms.


People are also leveraging social media in the aftermath of the storm. A group called "Lost & Found Pets from North Texas Tornadoes" set up a Facebook page to try to help lost pets find their way back to their families.


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