How Employers are Considering Social Media Screening for Hiring Candidates

By Rosalyn Eishen | rosalynchoo
If you think employers are solely relying on your resume and cover letter to make hiring judgements, think again.  Now so more than ever, people are looking at social media sites to aid in the process of screening candidates for hiring.

Just what exactly are hiring managers looking for while digging around Facebook and LinkedIn? Many want to find that the candidate has great communication skills, creativity, well-roundedness, professionalism, etc.  Also, they’re looking to see if the candidate is mentioned by others in a positive way to serve as a reference.

Somethings that could land a resume in the recycle bin may reflect that the candidate isn’t doing everything right on their personal social media profiles.  Things like too many provocative or inappropriate photographs, content about them drinking or using drugs, bad-mouthing previous employer, co-workers or clients, showing poor communication skills, discriminatory comments, etc. are all no-no’s.  Many forget that people are watching you, whether you want them to or not. After all, a majority of social media content is public information.

We found a great infographic from Mindflash to illustrate how hiring managers screen candidates through social media.

mindflash infographic
While social networking is a great way to make connections with potential job opportunities and promote one's personal brand, job seekers must ensure they are using these sites to their advantage by conveying a professional image and underscoring their qualifications.

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