Top 10 Funniest Viral Twitter #Hashtags

By Rosalyn Eishen @rosalynchoo Twitter hashtags are a great way to organize tweets for common subjects or events, but people also use them as a way to connect to others over a good laugh. Once the twitterverse starts putting in their two cents, you get crowd-sourced, viral comedy. We’ve gathered what we think are the top ten funniest viral hashtags that we’re sure will have you giggling at your desk.

#MomQuotes This hashtag was created by Jimmy Fallon for his “Late Night Hashtag” @LateNightJimmy bit on his show. Everything a typical mom would say categorized into one great hashtag. Example By @smashly: [quote]'Go early to get it. These are really, really popular hams.' #momquotes[/quote]

#LessAmbitiousMovies Think of a movie- then change its title to something less ambitious. It’s a fun little game to play with a group of friends as well. Example By @LeenaRao: [quote]The Goddaughter #lessambitiousmovies[/quote]

#TwoThingsThatDontMix It’s simple- what two things just don’t work well together? Example By @_KZA: [quote]“rapper names and Autocorrect #twothingsthatdontmix”[/quote]

#ThreeWordsToLiveBy Words of wisdom in three little words. Example By @edlynskey: [quote]#threewordstoliveby Brew More Coffee[/quote]

#TigerBlood Charlie Sheen started this trend and since then it’s just blown up on Twitter. We’re not 100% sure what it means, but it has something to do with being awesome. Example By @jakmartin881h: [quote]Freezing at the bus stop. Good thing I got #tigerblood[/quote]

#DisneyPickUpLines Would anyone ever actually use these lines? Maybe if you were trying to hook up with someone at Disneyworld. Many of them were much dirtier than this example, I think you can imagine. Example By @itsphillybaby: [quote]Baby I can take you to infinity and beyond!! #disneypickuplines[/quote]

#GenericTweet Simply pokes fun at those who tweet about nothing special (we’ve all done a boring generic tweet without realizing it.) Example By @TylerMcDonald: [quote]Pretty excited that the weekend is here. #generictweet[/quote]

#UnlikelySequel Movies that would have probably flopped if given these titles. Example By @frankfx: [quote]#unlikelysequels When Harry Killed Sally[/quote]

#SoEmbarrassing People sharing their embarrassing stories in less then 140 characters are always fun. Example By @abaker20: [quote]at a family christmas party saying goodbye kissing all my aunts then acciedntly kissing my uncle on the lips #soembarrassing[/quote]

#WorstJobIEverHad Haven’t we all had that one job that makes you stop and wonder where your life is going? Another great hashtag created by Jimmy Fallon @LateNightJimmy. Example By @april_430: [quote]My bosses bought a crate of 8x14 paper instead of 8x11. Instead of exchanging it, they made me cut  3 inches off each one!! #worstjobieverhad[/quote]

Since we’ve now mentioned theses hilarious hashtags, try and come up with a tweet for one and leave it in the comments below, or tweet us one @SocialMediaDel.

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