The Faces of GM: How James Wood Motors uses Social Media to Engage Loyal Customers

Brandie Broihier @BrandieNic James Wood Motors was recently featured on the Faces of GM blog as a car dealership who knows how to effectively use social media to engage with customers. A Dallas based dealership, James Wood uses their online presence to talk with current and potential customers without using sales pressure. Their goal is to participate in conversations about vehicles they sell; not to say “hey, come buy a car here.”

This customer engagement has worked wonders for James Wood Motors. An especially involved group are the Chevrolet “Mommy Bloggers,” who get discussions going and really enjoy providing feedback on their vehicles, purchasing experiences, and motherhood in general. James Wood prides themselves on post-sale involvement by answering vehicle questions in the customer's preferred platform; be it the phone, fax, facebook, or twitter.

By using social media as a platform for discussion, James Wood is able to inspire confidence in buyers and continue to build a loyal customer base. If a customer wants to talk about a car via twitter all the way up until signing the papers, the dealership will make that happen. Their mantra is “social media isn't about technology, it's about people.”

James Wood Motors is continually improving their game by staying on top of the social media trends and tailoring themselves to what really works for the customer. I see this as not only a great way to improve business, but a way to make business about more than just car buying. Through online communication, they are able to help customers with questions in the most effective environment: the one the customer chooses.

Find James Wood Motors on twitter @JamesWoodMotors

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