LinkedIn Apps 101: Apps That Boost Your Professional Profile

By Rosalyn Eishen | @rosalynchoo In today’s buzzing world of ever-changing social media, getting ahead by building your online resume is essential. LinkedIn has been partnering with leading internet companies to roll out applications that professionally enhance users’ profiles.  With this new dimension to your profile, hiring managers can obtain a better understanding of your work.  LinkedIn apps are just one more way to define and showcase what it is that you really do.  Don’t let your accomplishments sit in a dusty attic—put them on a pedestal with a light shining on them.  After all, the more ways you display your professional portfolio, the more you stand out above the rest.

I’ll just name and explain a few big ones and then we can go from there.

  • WordPress- Many can agree that maintaining a blog-whether it’s professional or personal- will take you places.  It’s simply the ability to write and write well that impresses employers.  If you have a blog, then seize the opportunity showcase your talent!  LinkedIn’s WordPress app lets you sync your blog onto your profile so that your connections can always see your latest posting.
  • SlideShare Presentations- Got any PowerPoints or videos that you’re proud of? Showcasing these slides and documents will really illustrate your knowledge of the industry.  SlideShare LinkedIn app lets you post your best presentations directly to LinkedIn for the entire world to see, while allowing you to view presentations shared by your connections and industry experts.
  • Behance Creative Portfilio Display- Sometimes words just aren’t enough. For those of you who are creative designers, this one’s for you.  Behance LinkedIn App will showcase your multimedia projects, opening up the online portfolio opportunities for the creative world.  You can post an unlimited amount of multimedia to your portfolio and pick and choose which projects get displayed.

LinkedIn Apps are waiting for you to utilize them—and did I mention that they’re FREE? Make your profile better and show the world what you’ve accomplished because otherwise, no one will ever know.

Happy app-ing.

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