Pinterest: Have you been pinned?

By Sara Alderman | @sea6789 Pinterest is a growing bookmarking site that lets you tag websites based on images, and sort those images onto boards. It’s sort of like virtual bulletin boards with push pins holding images of similar items for you on the web. One of the best things about this website is your friends can see your boards and repin your images and vice versa.

pinterest screenshot 1

More and more people are using Pinterest every day. It is gaining an audience in the younger tech- savy generations. One thing to note though, is that to join you either need to know someone who has an account to invite you or request an invite (it usually takes a week). When you get an account it installs a push pin on your browser tool bar, click it while on any website and a window pops up asking which board you want it to go on and you’re done.

Pinterest is basically a bookmarking site. Instead of adding a website to your favorites, bar you add it to your account, sort it and then others can see, comment and repin it their profile. While browsing the web you can take picture and save the whole site for later. Say you find an interesting recipe or a do-it yourself project but don’t have time to work on it right now, you can save it for later in an organized, visual way.

pinterest screenshot 2

I love the concept of bulletin boards and pinning pictures. One of my only hesitations when I started using the site was deciding which websites to pin. One thing I wish you had the ability to do on it was to upload your own pictures onto boards, from your computer and your phone. As It gains popularity I think the technology is there.

It is a great tool to use for recipes, weddings, party planning, redecorating etc. I think that as it gains popularity companies will start to use it to showcase their products and interact with their customers and audience.

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