Chris Pick of Munzee on #SM4CEO Radio Show - Social Media and Consumer Treasure Hunts

Monopoly, Candyland, Twister, Jumanji: Classic games that make 'Forced Family Fun Night' marginally bearable. However in recent weeks a new iPhone/Android app called Munzee has swept the digital media sphere by storm and caught the attention of consumer Treasure Hunters around the world. [youtube][/youtube]

On Social Media for the CEO Blog Talk Radio, Friday July 29th, Co-Founder & senior developer Chris Pick will take the time to discuss the latest craze among online gaming communities, how QR codes are being used to show 'M' marks the spot, and why social networking is a key element to Munzee's future. Join in by calling into +1 (347) 850-8614 to listen or to ask a question on air. Or you can Tweet your questions and comments to @LinkedInQueen or @SocialMediaDel using #SM4CEO.

Chris's Bio

Chris PickChristopher Pick is a co-founder and lead Android Developer for Munzee. Prior to joining Munzee in 2011, Christopher was a co-founder for Froogloid LLC, a leading mobile marketing company that launched several Android applications. Christopher co-founded Froogloid in December 2008 and was responsible for Architecture and Development of Android applications and cloud services driving those applications. Prior to Froogloid, Christopher worked as a an IT Manager at Miller Curtis & Weisbrod. He is currently active in the community volunteering time as a Co-Organizer of the Dallas Android Developer Group, volunteering for Rowlett CERT and holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design from Texas A&M University.

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