Bizzingo Launches B2B Social Network

Bizzingo announced the launch of the first phase of its new B2B platform on Tuesday.

Douglas Toth, Chairman and CEO of BIZZINGO said in a release, “The existing major search engines and social media networks are designed primarily for a consumer audience, creating leads that are of little value to businesses trying to reach other businesses.”’s new, exclusive business to business search platform and social network actually delivers targeted leads and, for the first time, opens up the power of the Internet to millions of businesses who only seek to market and connect to other businesses for the purpose of transacting business,” Toth added.

We're wondering if can gain enough participation to make the platform worthwhile.  In a world where new social networks are popping up weekly, how will Bizzingo rise above the clamor to become the go-to network for B2B companies? Perhaps they have found a profitable niche.  What do you think?

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