Social Media for the Homeless: Support, Community, and Hope

by: Kat Chang | @katchangUTA It is commonly known that Twitter can be used to advertise for business, connect with people, and gain fame for celebrities. However, there is also another very important use of Twitter: support. The homeless use Twitter (and other forms of social media) for support, to find homeless shelters and food banks, and to survive. Tweeting helps them feel like they aren’t alone. ? Some people may find it surprising that homeless people have cell phones or laptops. Usually, most of them received the technology before becoming homeless, and keeping these means of digital connection is a priority.

Twitter accounts of homeless individuals such as @lostawareness and AnnMarie Walsh’s @padsChicago (who both are now housed) inspired a new site, which “empowers homeless people." Through this site, homeless people can learn how to use social media to their benefit and stay connected to community.


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