ScoutMob is coming to Dallas...

By Stephanie Loski | @theloski has recently set up shop in our fair town of Dallas. I'm personally thankful it's not the Italian Mob ... or the Russian Mob .... or a TeleTubby Mob ... that's truly scary.

Dangerous networks aide, what is you might ask? The site serves as an online 'daily deal' service that sends discounts directly to your mobile phone.  This particular twist differentiates ScoutMob from other deal-dishing competitors.. but we're not going to name names.  There's a new Deal Mob Boss in town.. just saying.

Another nice feature is that requires no minimum purchase or other monetary transaction. You receive a deal to your inbox everyday, which is the normal scenario for most major cities enrolled.  Right now, Dallas is on the ' Lite' program (apparently our obesity ratings were worse than we might like to admit :/) and participating Dallasites will receive one new deal every week until the program expands locally.

As the site works with mobile platforms, if you follow the link and click on the yellow “get it free” box, a text message is then sent to your cell phone. When you visit the location offering the deal, show the text message containing the coupon code to the cashier as you check out.

Of course, we're going to mention that there’s an app for that. If you have an iPhone or an Android you can also download the app and instantly access a city's daily deals. App users also have the ability to access past deals as long as they have not expired yet.

While Dallas is still on the ‘lite program,” you can browse the site for regular events. Click on the Scout Finds tab at the top of the page, then use an established city as an example (i.e. New York).  They have a “weekly list” option which allows you to view all the posts for the current week. This is not where they have the daily deal posted, but it features certain fun things to do or see in the selected city.

For example, recently featured a post about the “Best Farmers Markets in New York.” They sent out a scout, who then chose their favorite markets, then asked readers to tweet or Facebook ScoutMob their personal choices.  The site also has a feature segment which fills you in on the must-see places around town during the weekend. is all about local citizens a different, more unique side to the city they know and love.

As Dallas joins ranks with LA, San Fran, and NYC, be sure to keep watch on a great site like this that features eccentric but useful daily discounts for your next expedition within in the city limits.

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