Did You miss Friday's show with.. Pierre-Yves Platini from the Social Media Club-France?

If you were doing some undercover digging for Royal Wedding Flair last Friday.. your secret is safe with us.  However in your pursuit for mugs, hats, and buttons you may have missed out on a live international show when ‘Social Media for the CEO‘ host Mary B. Adams interviewed Pierre-Yves Platini, the current President of Social Media Club-France. As they were live on the scene in Paris, Pierre and Mary brought out some great discussion on digital media, global brands, & innovative communities.  No tre coûteux airfare necessary to listen at your convenience on iTunes…

Pierre-Yves’s Bio: In addition to being the current President of the Social Media Club-France, our guest this week has enjoyed an extensive career with a notable track record in the marketing, and interactive media disciplines. After pursuing degrees at the Universita Luigi Bocconi in Milan and the Lycée Saint Louis de Gonzague, Mr. Platini moved on to work at both the Roland Berger Strategy Consultant and Yoono, as their former Marketing Director. Today, he is the founder and managing editor at Satellinet, a professional newsletter dedicated to the online media industry and a founding partner at FABERNOVEL, a management consulting firm specialized in Innovation.

As a consultant and entrepreneur, Pierre-Yves has had the opportunity to take on both strategic and operationnal roles throughout his enterprising career; But more importantly, his true passions are focused in deep-thinking, innovation and supporting disruptive projects in the media industry.

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Today's Guest on 'Social Media for the CEO' is... Pierre-Yves Platini w/ the Social Media Club-France