The Flip Cam: 2006 - 2011 'It Came. It Flipped. It Faded Away.'

They say love worth knowing must be fleeting with time as it will endure in fond memories eternally.  We're pretty sure that's straight from a grocery store romance novel, however it so eloquently addresses how we feel about the recent passing of our dear friend the Flip Cam.  To quote Edgar Allen Poe, "Alas and Never more."

With recent news from inside sources familiar with the matter that the digital video/camera recording functionality on mobile phones was breaking through the market share and slowly but surely gnawing away at other competing contenders all vying for the leading slot ... an epic ending was unfortunately in store for the Flip Cam and the battle to the end was hard fought.

In the mean time as you nurse your sorrows on skittles and Grey Goose Vodka, we'd like to offer you some alternative solutions that will help you grieve during this difficult time.  Read more about these Five Alternative Devices that will help transition beyond the Flip Cam.  [Read More...]

Today's Guest Is.. Chad McDaniel with McDaniel Executive Recruiting

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