Favorite Author Feature: Sherri Elliott, Ties to Tattoos

When bringing up a point related directly or indirectly to social media, digital communications, or online communities, one hears more often than thought.. "Facebook's that thing my grandkids are always on," or "I've heard about this Twitter thing lately, but I'm still not quite sure about what or how should I tweet."  The communications landscape is changing the way we relate to and with different demographics. When it comes to the building relationships through emerging media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs, Yelp, FourSqaure, etc. each generation dynamic will of course reflect varied levels of understanding and being able to relate to the Internet. Essentially we are trying to bridge the 'Great Digital Generation Divide' and that's where Sherri Elliot's latest book Ties to Tattoos comes in handy.

The premise behind Ties to Tattoos is that it offers innovative ways to recruit, reward, manage, motivate, train, and retain, all within a generationally diverse workplace. Understanding generational issues is one of the best new tools for resolving conflicts and boosting productivity within one's organization.  Elliott goes on to identify an exemplary point which observes that today's American workforce includes four distinct generations - Traditionalists, Boomers, Xers, and Millennials. As a result,  the US employee force brings with it a new set of challenges and opportunities.

Ties to Tattoos provides keys for understanding these issues and strategies to leverage multigenerational differences in ways that make companies stronger. The creative 'people strategies' described throughout this book set the bar for companies in the coming decade with the sustainable competitive advantage engaged and committed employees.  In order to work in the digital communications space, of course understanding a myriad of technology is fundamental, but understanding humanitarian nuances that involve our fellow man is even more critical.  When one begins to read Elliot's latest book, they take a first step toward doing just that.

Praise for Ties to Tattoos:

“Working out potential conflicts between the values and priorities of four generations in the workforce is not enough. Sherri Elliott recognizes the more complex issue of capitalizing on the talents of all to create a blended competitive advantage.” - Sandra Yancey | Founder and CEO, eWomenNetwork, Inc.

"Capitalizing on the talents of a multigenerational workforce is the key to future business success. Sherri Elliott recognizes that and gives sound advice." - Leslie Elliott | President, Toni & Guy, USA

About the Author: Sherri Elliott is the president and owner of Optimance Workforce Strategies, LLC, a leading human resource (HR) consulting firm. Sherri’s original HR studies and articles, along with her speaking and consulting work, have made her a leading voice in helping companies understand and successfully overcome the challenges of a multigenerational workforce. She is a Senior Professional in Human Resources with an Associate designation in Risk Management with over fifteen years of corporate experience. Cited for her insightful research, as well as her ability to translate that knowledge into useful and practical advice for leaders, Sherri has become a sought after speaker and leader in the HR community.

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