The 'Stay at Home Guide' for SXSW 2011

By Eve Mayer Orsburn | @LinkedInQueen

Since its inception in 1987, South by Southwest (SXSW) has grown into a huge week of Music, Media, Film, and Interactive innovation. A week filled with panels, concerts, parties, tech announcements and more. The event brings 17,000+ registrants together every year and during this time Austin gets even wilder than usual.  Feel like you'll be missing out on the fun? False.

So, the creative community in Dallas is all-abuzz over the upcoming 2011 SXSW Conference, March 11-20 in Austin, TX. Locally, this means a drastic reduction in the smart-phone toting, music loving, film buff, new media innovator portions of the population. However, not everyone can cough up the dough for a SXSW pass or have the privilege of going on the company dime. But fear not because you don’t have to miss out completely.  Get ready to burn through some 4G Internet while chilling comfortably on your couch, see below the 'Stay At Home' Guide for this year's SXSW 2011 Conference:

Thanks to certain innovations (like UberSocial, Blackberry's awesome Twitter app) one now has the ability to follow all of the action highlights online while at home feeding Fido.  Take it from me, you will quickly hear about the ground breaking new interactive technologies, the best music, and the most mind-blowing films if you are watching in just the right places.

For starters, the SXSW website outlines the entire conference schedule so you can see exactly what you are missing out on.  But SXSW also has an official Twitter account, as well as an amazing YouTube channel.  Plus, don’t forget a simple Twitter search can reveal a lot.  Simply search for the hashtag #SXSW to see what‘s trending in real time during the week.

There are always sites like Mashable and Technorati as well, where you can catch other news you might have missed.  And, if you are anything like me, your friends and colleagues will probably talk of nothing else for the entire week so your own Twitter connections are another surefire way to stay tuned.

Another huge part of SXSW you shouldn’t miss ... Torchy’s Tacos and dinner at Zax’s  ... just saying.

Be sure to bookmark these great resources into your Google/RSS feed for the week:!/sxsw

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