Civic Leader Nat Wei and The UK's 'Big Society Network'

In the coming weeks the leading news source TechCrunch (one of the 'must read' staff staples at Social Media Delivered) will publish a guest series discussing the use of technology in re-building civic society. In the first installment, the column introduces 'The Big Society' a social initiative based in the UK which "enables citizens to take more control over their lives, based on the belief that people often know how to solve the problems they care about and improve their communities better than anyone else."

More importantly, 'The Big Society' is also an effort that is optimistic about the power of technology, and has been inspired by the more open, inclusive, and effective ways of working expressed through the Internet, social media, and crowd sourcing.  At the helm of this progressive effort "is social entrepreneur and adviser to the UK Government Nat Wei (@natwei) one of the youngest people ever to have been made a Life Peer of the House of Lords."  Read the whole article here...

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