Baylor Business School Provides Interactive 4square Tour for Alumni over Homecoming

By Amanda Montgomery WACO, Texas – Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business sits proud and tall amongst the campus’s stately buildings and pastoral landscaping. During this week’s homecoming festivities campus will be filled with students, parents, family, friends and alumni who will grab a bite at George O’s before heading over to Floyd Casey Stadium where the Baylor Bears will play Kansas State Saturday. A wash of green and gold décor covers every possible crevice. If you’re an alumni visiting the Business School, make sure your smart phone/iDevice is fully charged, because this year for the 1st time homecoming visitors will be able to take a 4square/Gowalla based tour of the school’s building and its incredible improvements.

Bringing this level of new age technology and interaction into a campus’s homecoming week isn’t that unusual when you look at what other new age media concepts are being implemented down in Waco, Texas. Consider the Baylor Business Review’s Fall 2010 magazine cover...

By using an avatar photo collection, student photographers generated a memorial photograph honoring the school’s founder. Despite how other Texas universities dismiss Baylor’s football season with a scoff, what they should be paying attention to is how the Hankamer School of Business is rising through the ranks and giving other top-tier institutions a run for their money. The business school’s twitter handle ‘@Baylor_Business’ is another new media outlet spurring their credibility upward and with 4,034 followers they’re beating the university’s account which only has 3,036 followers.

Football puns aside, Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business is progressive, inventive and a communications institution that will be developing the new work force generation. After visiting the campus recently for the first time I was amazed by how the building and the business program looked more like a corporate media headquarters instead of classrooms with desks.

Go Sic’ Em Social Media Bears! Props to you for being ahead of the curve.

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