We Recommend Reading: Improving Your Bottom Line Through The Contact Center by Robert Lamb

Robert Lamb's newest work entitled, Improving Your Bottom Line Through The Contact Center, is intended for non-technical business executives and professionals who wish to understand the relevance of customer contact as it relates to business profitability.

In this book, Lamb intends to illustrate in the common vernacular how a 'Service first, Customer oriented' approach towards customer contact can positively affect your company's bottom line. This book also provides a strong conceptual basis and insightful logic for developing a business case that transforms and optimizes your contact center as a strategic initiative. By focusing on the "so what" portion of the contact center discussion, Lamb avoids the nuts and bolts detail of how to select or to implement the technology.

Robert Lamb will appear as a featured guest on the acclaimed radio show 'Social Media for the CEO’ this Friday September 24th at 10am CT. During Friday's show, hosts Eve Orsburn and Mary B. Adams will interview Lamb to discuss social media and its implications in the Contact Center industry.

Today’s Guest on Social Media for the CEO is... Robert Lamb with AT&T

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