Your Internet Habits: What Are They Saying About You?

By Madeline Lewis You’ve just gotten to the office, coffee in one hand, your briefcase in the other. Your computer is turned on and ready to go for the day.

Where’s your first stop? Facebook? Twitter? Your email account?

Recent studies by ExactTarget are showing that more and more Americans are checking their Facebook accounts before their emails. These changes in Internet usage are shedding new light into what people care about and how they like to get their business information.

11% of the survey pool noted that they check Facebook first, but an overwhelming 58% still check their emails before going to any other site. What these statistics show is not just that Internet trends are changing, but also that shifts are occurring in people’s priorities. According to ExactTarget, “People who check email first tend to be motivated to interact with brands online for the sake of obtaining deals, promotions, or new product information.”

On the other hand, Internet users who seek out Facebook before any other activity are more likely to show support for a particular brand or for entertainment, but not in order to finish a deal. Their activities are more likely to lead them to awareness and knowledge about a company.

In the future, companies will be able to utilize research done by companies such as ExactMarket in order to tailor to their customers’ needs. By looking at which consumers value emails versus Twitter promotions or Facebook pages, businesses will be able to target different demographics with their marketing techniques, making their branding useful and efficient.

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