LinkedIn Allows Embedding of Videos: How To Use It & Why You Should

By Angelo Fernandez-Spadaro Before we get started I'd like to make sure you have a LinkedIn and SlideShare profile because both will be needed to add video onto your LinkedIn profile.  For anyone who's never used SlideShare it's one of the best tools that allows easy sharing of powerpoints, keynotes, PDFs and other documents via the web, and more importantly over LinkedIn.  To top it off SlideShare has now added a "simple" way to add video.  Yes for anyone who's ever had the displeasure of trying to add video before, we know what a pain it was embedding video into a powerpoint just to turn around and then upload that Powerpoint into SlideShare.  That extra step was time consuming and would lead to many embedding/formatting issues.  But thankfully SlideShare realized this problem very quickly and tweaked the 'embedding video' process so that it doesn't require digging through YouTube for web tutorials anymore.

By simply logging into your LinkedIn profile, going to your SlideShare page and then clicking on the upload tab you're already set.  But for anyone who still has questions they have links to FAQs, and the types of video formats and video codecs they support.  Once you upload the video it prompts you to give the video a name, tags and a description.  SlideShare also has a multitude of options you can set when it comes to sharing, favoriting and receiving e-mails about your videos.

Now that we've discussed the minor problem, the bigger question remains: Why use video?

There's a terrible stigma about videos thanks to all the wonderfully useless videos we see on Youtube but that's not what LinkedIn and SlideShare are trying to do.  Not all videos have to be like the ones we see too often on Youtube.  Imagine being able to sort through all the noise on Youtube when you're searching for job tips, information on companies or educational presentations.  Welcome to SlideShare videos.  By allowing video embedding on a professional site like LinkedIn you are assured of having content-rich videos that are coming from credible sources.  This feature will also be wonderful for product demonstrations, corporate ads and conference videos.  It will allow others to take a step inside a companies walls to get to know more about them and what they're all about.

This feature is also a great tool for individuals.  The standard resume shot on LinkedIn usually includes a picture and your  connections but people always want to know more.  A short video introducing yourself and talking about your skills, passions and jobs is an easy boost that shows a personality.  And if you're not camera-shy you could even show off your skills by giving a demo or show off some of your past works.  Either way it's obvious that this tool can be used for your benefit and the sooner you jump on board the faster you'll separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Happy Uploading!

- Angelo

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LinkedIn Allows Embedding of Videos: How To Use It & Why You Should