5 Cardinal Facebook Dont's

By Mary Adams We Appreciate Your Cooperation:

  1. Don’t tag me. If I am in your photo, please refrain from attaching my name to it. Photos are rather subjective, and not always as flattering as we’d like them to be, sometimes even slightly compromising! Example: holiday Christmas party, one drink too many… Even if you deem the image to be totally innocuous, please ask my permission first. (I’m shocked that Facebook hasn’t set up a screening feature for tagging yet). Also, no tagging when I’m not even in the photo to begin with! That’s just silly.
  2. Don’t assume your Facebook friends are fluent in Twitterese. Symbols like @, # - while certainly appropriate on Twitter – can cause confusion when they show up on your Facebook page. Sure, using an application to update your status across multiple social media sites saves time and energy, just be careful that you are using the appropriate language on each site. And by the way, don’t forget correct punctuation and spelling!
  3. Don’t write obscure updates. A little bit of mystery is fun and inviting, but caginess is a real turnoff. “Could these be painted red?” “JESUS CAKE” and “Doesn’t do a quad” are a propos de nothing and downright baffling. Instead, stick with updates that are easily decipherable.
  4. Don’t even think about superpoking or, much less, poking me. I don’t know this means and frankly, I’m not interesting in finding out. If you want to flirt with me, just send me a message or write on my wall. Better yet, send me fresh flowers!
  5. And speaking of walls… you wouldn’t have a private conversation on speakerphone in the middle of crowded room, would you? So please don’t use my wall to send me a private message.

Thanks for your cooperation!  Go Forth and Facebook smartly!

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