Beme Creator Bringing His Brand of Social Media to CNN

News network giant CNN aquired Beme, a social media mobile phone application that allows you to share your own video blogs, and the creative possibilities that can come from this acquisition are endless. As a result, Beme will no longer run its social app and will instead work with CNN to create content relevant to millennial audiences starting in January.

Introducing “Tried It,” The All New Pinterest Bucket List Feature

Calling all super Pinners: there is now an easy way to cross things off your Pinterest bucket list. This month, Pinterest rolled out the “Tried It” button, a feature that allows users to keep track of every craft, recipe or life hack that they’ve brought to life. It works both as an idea inventory and an endorsement mill for users who are wondering which projects are right for them.

Most Recent Instagram Update is Giving their Users More...Just in Time for the Holidays!

With the rapid growth of social media, Instagram is staying ahead of the game with a recent host of network updates. From integrated Boomerang and mentioning friends in Stories to integrated Story links, Instagram is appealing to broad audiences by seamlessly blending our social world ever so closer.

Twitter Keeps the Conversation Going with Customer Support for Businesses

Twitter is appealing to businesses by adding an automated chat, hours of chat service and rate of responsiveness. This update comes at the heels of a massive restructuring with intent to appeal to potential buyers, which included discontinuing Vine, allowing more character-count flexibility, and the launch of Periscope Producer.