Social Media Delivered provides consulting, training, and social media services to help organizations achieve their business goals. We service B2B, B2C, and nonprofits using the most proven, cutting-edge methods available today. We promote respect, integrity and daily laughter within our organization, and we encourage the same among our business partners, clients, service providers, and other stakeholders.


Social Media is your organization communicating with the world every day which means you must have intriguing things to say. Social Media Delivered has a staff of writers, graphic designers, video production specialists, and video editors creating content for brands worldwide in English, Spanish, French and German. 


Social Care

Social Care (or Community Management) is where customer service and marketing intersect.  Social Media Delivered specializes in social care with scalable teams that will emulate your brand's voice to build relationships with existing and potential customers


Social Media Delivered offers social media strategy and consulting at our location or in your office anywhere in the world. When your company needs to take the next step in social media success, Social Media Delivered can help you identify a clear path. We have worked in most industries and multiple countries. The consulting we provide is completely custom to your needs and when we finish, you will have clear answers to your questions and a plan of action.  


Keynote and Workshop Speaking

Social Media Delivered offers professional presenters who speak worldwide to corporations, associations, government organizations, nonprofits and education facilities. We can present keynotes and workshops that appeal to any audience and fit your budget needs. 


Analytics & Social Tools

Technology is moving at the speed of light and every company is struggling to keep up. Social Media Delivered offers custom consulting with our Technology and Analytics experts. These pros focus on staying on top of the changes in technology and social media so they can advise on where to invest and what to avoid.


Social Media platforms have become an incredible place to advertise to exactly the people you want to reach. Social Media Delivered offers end to end social advertising including reporting for measurable success. We help our clients understand their target market and assist in choosing the best social media platforms for a target rich environment.