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Facebook Expands Ad Placement to Messenger App

Most, if not all social media platforms have integrated ads into user’s feeds to stimulate revenue. Facebook is one of the most notorious culprits, by compiling user data to tailor ads. In a new wave of social media innovation, Facebook has begun to publish ads on their Messenger app

YouTube launches “Super Chat”: An Engaging Way to Earn Money

Live streaming has recently been a popular concept that many platforms are slowly starting to make available. With Facebook Live, Twitch, and Instagram Live incorporating live streaming concepts onto their platform, it’s no surprise that YouTube is launching a competitive feature amongst its counterparts within their own live streaming option. 

Facebook Videos to Start Including Commercial Breaks

Videos have always been an effective way to connect with audiences. YouTube previously had a near monopoly on the online video industry. Slowly more and more companies began to follow suit and allowed videos to be posted on multiple platforms, but YouTube still offered creators the option to include advertisements before videos in order to add monetary value to the number of views. 

Branching Out and Up

The recently rebranded Snap Inc. is making moves again, this time on an international stage. With Snapchat being such a major hit in America, why shouldn’t the young social media giant branch out a bit?

Twitter says YES to Yes, Inc.

2016 has been full of challenges and changes for Twitter. Well, the saga continues with Twitter’s latest acquisition of Yes, Inc. This small San Francisco based startup is known for its social messaging apps that connect people around the world. It’s no surprise that this company would fit in perfectly with Twitter.

Time for an Audible

If you are a fan of professional football, then at some point in the last few months you have heard of the stringent social media policy the NFL has imposed on the teams in the league.

The Famous Disappearing Act of Instagram Direct

Life flashes before our eyes. Before we know it, we’ve gone from our first day in kindergarten to accepting job offers and wheeling headfirst into adult responsibilities. It’s the same with Instagram’s new disappearing photos and videos feature - except this time, you get to watch your friends’  lives flash before your eyes.